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DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

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DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

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There is a darkradiant package for Debian, which is usually available after some time in Ubuntu as well .

Release Notes for DarkRadiant 0.9.0 April 2007

This is a non-comprehensive list of the changes that have been made since the 0.8.1 release. Code-refactors have not been included in this list as they aren't visible to the user (or at least they shouldn't be). Nearly 4000 filechanges (in over 800 commits) have been made since the last release. This release also includes the Stim/Response Editor, the first Dark Mod-specific plug-in allowing easy setup of s/r entities.

New Features

  • Stim/Response Editor (Dark Mod-specific)
  • Entity Inspector displays custom DEF keys
  • Entity Descriptions are displayed (also for inherited entities)
  • Find & Replace Dialog rewritten (was disfunctional)
  • Texture Tool rewritten (Ctrl-Shift-T) - allows U/V editing of patches
  • Arbitrary Rotation / Arbitrary Scale replaced by new TransformDialog
  • Surface Inspector (S) and Patch Inspector (Shift-S) redesigned
  • Background Image for orthoviews
  • Collision Model (.cm file) Export
  • The Doom 3 installation path is taken from the Windows Registry (Win32 builds only).
  • Select Complete Tall command added (can be found in the Toolbar by default)
  • Map Positions can be stored for easier Map Navigation (store: Ctrl-Alt-1 .. Ctrl-Alt-0 recall: Alt-1 ... Alt-0)
  • Revert to worldspawn function (Shift-G)
  • Locked axis transformation mode (hold down Shift during a transformation)
  • Camera Position is stored on Map Save and restored on Map Load
  • Patch Thicken (optionally along Axes)
  • Support for "parallel" spawnarg in LightInspector
  • Entity list selection focuses cam on the selected entity
  • Flip Texture (available in Surface Inspector)
  • Added "Select Related" command to Texture Tool
  • Load Prefab / Save selected as Prefab (also available in Orthocontext menu)
  • New commands: Copy Shader / Paste Shader / Paste Shader (natural) to allow shortcut assignment when copying/pasting shaders to the current selection.
  • MMB focuses the media browser to the selected shader.
  • Added "Jump to Object" command to focus the views on the clicked object (default: Alt-RMB)
  • All geometry is internally handled in double precision floating point format, the map file output is using a new maximum precision of 16 significant digits. This increases the precision for map dimensions in excess of 1000 units (like Bonehoard).


  • Locked axis transformation no longer has strange minimum distance jump.
  • Light Inspector changes are now tracked by the UndoSystem
  • DarkRadiant is using proper skin in lit or textured mode
  • Fixed names for some entities not showing up.
  • Fixed Texture lock not working for func_static child primitives
  • Fixed crash when opening certain ASE exported from Blender on Linux
  • func_static and similar group entities are handled correctly now
  • func_* entities show their origin correctly
  • Matching Skins did not show all skins when multiple model keys were specified in the skin file
  • Fixed entity property changes not being saved.
  • Brushes ending up with zero size after transformation will get deleted now (and a warning is emitted in the console)
  • Fixed cancelling the map load process clearing the map
  • Fixed Open dialog forgetting the open path after first time
  • Fixed Save path not defaulting to Load path
  • File Save As dialog attaches a default .map extension to filenames now
  • Fixed Patches disappearing upon PasteTextureNatural on some occasions.
  • Fixed File->Import causign segfault when importing into an existing map.
  • Fixed many light textures casting no light in render mode
  • Fixed collision filter not working in cam view
  • Fixed crash on opening .BAK files
  • Fixed crash when closing 'colors' GUI
  • Fixed "bind" spawnarg being not properly updated when duplicating items/inserting prefabs.
  • Splitplane View Dimensions were not saved between sessions - fixed.
  • Patches with infinite vertex coordinates were saved without warning/correction - these are corrected on-the-fly now.
  • Map parser converts 1.#INF and -1.#INF values into large numbers instead of throwing an error.
  • Filtered brush faces are excluded from selection now.
  • Added tdm_collision_* textures to collision filter.
  • Fixed broken joint rotation mode for models after func_static-relevant changes.
  • Fixed "Show all light volumes" not showing projected lights.
  • Duplicate Item command selects the cloned item instead of the source item now.


  • Primitive count is displayed during entity load now (convenient for large maps)
  • Added "Snap To Grid" command to toolbar and grid menu
  • Select Complete Tall and Select Inside select lights only if the origin is contained now.
  • Default model view in modelselector is front now (was top-down).
  • "Choose shader" dialog remembers its size/position now.
  • Fixed some issues with Save Region producing infinitely high values and excluding entities.
  • Filtersystem is using commands now (shortcuts can be assigned)
  • Menu command structure has been outsourced to menu.xml file.
  • Key/Values are preserved now between entity selections (allows quicker assign of the same spawnarg to multiple entities).
  • Map loading can be aborted now
  • Map Loading error did not display error message before - fixed.
  • Cancel of transformation operations with ESC before releasing mouse buttons
  • LightInspector defaults colour to white now.
  • Entity inspector: sorting of key/values is possible.
  • LightInspector uses space more efficiently now.
  • LightInspector is toggle-able now (J)
  • Added default key in Save dialog.
  • Focus is set to list items after opening "Create entity..." from the context menu.
  • Patch creation: no brush is needed to create patches, selected brush can optionally be removed.
  • Scale Manipulator removed (was buggy)
  • Fixed a typo in noshadows property.
  • Translate Mode (w) more friendly functionality (reacts to clicks anywhere in the xyview).
  • Accelerator keys for messageboxes assigned (e.g. "save changed map?" dialog)
  • Default entity colour is customisable now.
  • Entities get higher selection priority in orthoviews (this is optional and disabled by default for the camview).
  • Single left click doesn't deselect previously selected control points anymore when editing patch vertices (this is an option now).
  • Light Inspector changes are instantly applied and undoable now.
  • Renamed the Save Region commands.
  • ModelSelector shows activity bar while searching the models folder
  • Position of light properties dialog was not remembered - fixed.
  • Insufficient User Feedback when working with the mouse TexturePaste Tool - error notifications are shown now.
  • Model preview window cut the top off of model - this is fixed now.
  • Model Selector made inefficient use of screen space - resolved.
  • Revamped the Preference Dialog (fs_game and engine path selection should be clearer now)
  • Transformation pivot point is no longer snapped to the grid.

A detailed development changelog can be found on the bugtracker and on SVN.