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DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

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DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

Debian / Ubuntu / Kubuntu:

There is a darkradiant package for Debian, which is usually available after some time in Ubuntu as well .

Changes since DarkRadiant 0.9.9 February 2009

This is a list of changes and bugfixes since the release of DarkRadiant 0.9.9.

To fetch a newer snapshot release, please refer to the Snapshot page.

New Features / Changes

  • Subdivisions can be set on multiple selected patches simultaneously.
  • Prefab Preview / Prefab Text Information
  • Added help option to Entity Inspector to provide some on-line help.
  • Added "Revert Part to Worldspawn" command to allow for reparenting a single selected primitive to worldspawn.


  • Fixed the window freeze issue when holding down a modifier on lower resolution monitors.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting an entity in a fresh map without creating brushes first.
  • Fixed inability to edit worldspawn keyvalues.
  • The DEF file parser can handle multi-line quotes now.
  • "targetN" spawnarg were missing the entry box.
  • In Floating layout, only the first orthoview was switchable by Ctrl-Tab.
  • Manual entity classname changes were not considered by the code until map reload.
  • Fixed unpredictable behaviour when adding items with no active layer.
  • Fixed entities not being assigned to the first visible layer on creation.
  • Objectives Editor: completion target and failure target spawnargs were not saved.
  • Fixed GameManager asking for fs_game at each startup (this was fixed with actually).
  • Fixed disappearing Filters Menu when switching between EntitySelector and ModelSelector.


  • The first line in the EntityList shows the map name now.
  • Autosave files are saved with underscores now to sort them after the actual map files.
  • Added smarter string seeking for Models and Textures treeview.
  • Models are unloaded after closure of ModelSelector dialog now instead of unloading them at each selection change.

Coding / Internal Design

  • Statusbar handling code refactored.

A detailed development changelog can be found on the bugtracker and on SVN.