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DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

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DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

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There is a darkradiant package for Debian, which is usually available after some time in Ubuntu as well .

Changes since DarkRadiant 0.9.6 August 2008

This is a list of changes and bugfixes since the release of DarkRadiant 0.9.6.

To fetch a newer snapshot release, please refer to the Snapshot page.

New Features / Changes

  • New plug-in: Objectives Editor. This greatly facilitates the setup of objective spawnargs for TDM maps.
  • A checkbox is available to choose whether selecting object in Entity List moves camera/selection.
  • Add a "Make Visportal" feature for automatic texturing of the target brush.
  • Rewrote Namespace module. This enables a better behaviour when changing entity keyvalues referring to other entity names. As soon as one entity is renamed, all spawnargs referring to that name are renamed accordingly. The new namespace also improves the entity name handling when importing prefabs or entities from the clipboard.
  • Added "bind entities" command, similar to the "Connect entities" command.


  • Fixed a crash when trying to select models with empty surfaces (i.e. surfaces with a vertex count == 0)
  • Fixed a crash at shutdown when Entity List is open.
  • Fixed mouse being trapped in the Texture Browser on right-click.
  • Fixed a crash on open if 'reload last map' preference is set.
  • Fixed a crash when choosing "Convert to func_static" with only faces being selected.
  • Fixed a couple of issues concerning the entity name handling (see above: Namespace module rewrite).
  • Fixed EntityChooser disappearing after closing the window using the X icon.
  • Fixed Layer Info being destroyed when pasting between maps.
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown when region was active.
  • Fixed the "Size Info" for brushes showing too many numbers.
  • Fixed crashes when attempting to split brush using clipper and shift+enter.
  • Fixed a crash when changing maps and trying to save the preferences.
  • Fixed code allowing for two colour schemes having the same name.
  • Fixed T not closing the texture browser again when in Split view.


  • Model screen is resizable now.
  • Entity list panel size is saved between sessions now.
  • Increased rendering speed of entity subclasses.
  • Made hidden/visible checks of surfaces faster.
  • S/R Editor: Added support for max_fire_count spawnarg.
  • Grid size is saved between sessions now.
  • Added a shortcut for the Media Tab.
  • Entity Class Tree: Selected entity is looked up in the tree on open.

Coding / Internal Design

  • Replaced TextOutputStream with standard-compliant streams.
  • Namespace module redesigned.

A detailed development changelog can be found on the bugtracker and on SVN.