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Changes since DarkRadiant 0.9.7 December 2008

This is a list of changes and bugfixes since the release of DarkRadiant 0.9.7. The most prominent feature additions are the TDM-specific Conversation Editor Plug-In and the model preview for the EntitySelector dialog.

To fetch a newer snapshot release, please refer to the Snapshot page.

New Features / Changes

  • Conversation Editor Plug-In
  • EntitySelector provides a model preview window now.
  • Layer Control Dialog is remembering its visibility status between sessions.
  • Added support for "editor_setKeyValue" spawnargs to automatically add keyvalues to newly created entities.
  • Objectives Editor allows to move Objectives up and down, changing their index number.
  • Made it possible to revert to worldspawn with multiple func_statics selected.
  • Assinging keyvalues to multiple selected entities is now allowed.
  • It's possible to edit properties of multiple selected lights.
  • Added Map Statistics dialog (models, shaders, primitives, entities).
  • Added "Show All Layers | Hide All Layers" as well as "Select All In Layer" feature.


  • Hang on closing Objectives Editor when entity is selected.
  • S/R Editor can handle entities with >9 response effects properly now.
  • Undo (Ctrl-Z) did not restore skin on entity, this is fixed.
  • Thicken Patch Feature: newly created patches have the same level of tesselation now.
  • Creating func_statics didn't put the origin at the center of selection.
  • Fixed map load failure when opening from other than project directory.
  • "Save as" no longer deselects everything.
  • Fixed Objectives Editor having wrong defaults for some properties.
  • Objectives Editor allows deletion of objectives now.
  • Fixed holding down Ctrl-Alt reporting "Unknown Event" in the status bar.
  • Fixed crash upon processing soundshader files with syntax errors.
  • Speaker min radius is show now if the value has a decimal fraction.
  • Fixed crash on shutdown after closing EntitySelector using the X in the upper right corner.
  • Fixed creation of a atdm:mover_door entity from a brush causing all worldspawn to become linked.
  • Fixed deselecting no longer working after deleting brush/patch while components were still selected.
  • Fixed DarkRadiant automatically adding light texture to entity when Light inspector was open.
  • Fixed hitting Space in EntityInspector duplicating the selected entity.
  • Fixed target connections being lost after save.
  • Fixed crash when "saving as..." maps with speakers in them.
  • Fixed models contained in PK4 files not showing up.
  • Fixed Entity List showing the wrong names on creation and cloning.
  • Fixed func_static origin getting orphaned after brush drag degenerate.


  • "Save Copy As" is pre-populating the filename with the last one entered.
  • DarkRadiant shows a warning when trying to save to read-only map files.
  • EntityInspector doesn't pre-select the row on entity selection change.
  • DarkRadiant emits a console warning now when a shader is not found.
  • Assigning brushes to layers now shows the * reminder to save the map.

Coding / Internal Design

  • MapResource handling has been simplified and improved.
  • Fixed globalErrorStream writing black text to the console instead of red.
  • Libxml2 libraries upgraded to 2.7.2.
  • Dependency on WS32_32 socket library removed.

A detailed development changelog can be found on the bugtracker and on SVN.