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Windows (64-bit):

DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

Windows (32-bit):

DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

Debian / Ubuntu / Kubuntu:

There is a darkradiant package for Debian, which is usually available after some time in Ubuntu as well .

Changes since DarkRadiant 1.3.0 May 2010

This is a list of changes and bugfixes since the release of DarkRadiant 1.3.0.

New Features / Changes

  • SplitPane layout lets you select the position of the camera window (View > Camera Position)


  • Fixed: Using Readables Objective feature crashes DR.
  • Fixed: Prefab layer names are mixed into map layers on load.
  • Fixed: Cloned projected light does not show projection until map reloaded.
  • Fixed: Python invoked dialog does not trap all key strokes.
  • Fixed: Patches of prefabs don't appear in the viewer.
  • Fixed: Thicken cone patches generates invalid patch control vertices.
  • Fixed: Portal Sky texture rendering black in rendered view.


  • none

Coding / Internal Design

  • none

A detailed development changelog can be found on the bugtracker and on SVN.