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DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

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DarkRadiant 2.2.1 Installer

Debian / Ubuntu / Kubuntu:

There is a darkradiant package for Debian, which is usually available after some time in Ubuntu as well .

Changes since DarkRadiant 1.4.0 January 2011

This is a list of changes and bugfixes since the release of DarkRadiant 1.4.0.

New Features / Changes

  • New Particle Renderer and Preview.
  • Added Reload Particles command.
  • Xreal: PNG support
  • Xreal: support MATERIAL_NAME shaders for ASE models.
  • Xreal: added Xreal game configuration
  • Xreal: configurable archive extension.


  • Fixed: Some 6-sided brushes are saved as 7-sided ones to the .map file (one superfluous plane).
  • Fixed: Copy & Paste doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Readables editor won't let you type a space in the inv_name.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening LWO when sorting textures internally.
  • Fixed: DarkRadiant crashes when closing Readable editor after clicking "XData Name".
  • Fixed: No bumpmaps rendered in lighting mode on newer cards.
  • Fixed: Trouble exporting func_statics with ASE export script.
  • Fixed: Semi-consistent crash after starting new map.
  • Fixed: Description for light/fog textures does not show.
  • Fixed: Clipper not caulking clipped faces consistently.
  • Fixed: Light entity wireframes not updated, don't reflect actual entity, after rotation.
  • Fixed: XY view crash
  • Fixed: func_static part selection issue.


  • Create patches in 'axis aligned' orientation.
  • func_splinemover should be created with a default spline curve.
  • Added Reparent primitives to context menu
  • Jump to selected classname (if any) upon clicking "Choose entity class..."

Coding / Internal Design

  • Enable compilation in VC++ 2010.
  • After some major refactoring all UI classes have been migrated from GTK+ to its C++ interface gtkmm.
  • Extend IModel interface to provide access to model verts and polys.

A detailed development changelog can be found on the bugtracker.